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Clicking photographs are easy it is not for any commercial use. If photos are clicked for advertisements and public viewing purposes, it is better that it under goes photo editing process. Every image will convey a certain mood naturally, a good photo editing expert can easily twist it and make it covey another message. The […]

Photography Backgrounds

Good product images that pops out of the screen is what that drive great sales to any e-retail business. Product photography needs a lot of experimentation like another kind and we can’t neglect any technique including the simplest ones like removing photography backgrounds. Your virtual shop window is the place when all your products can […]

Photo Editing

Although many photo editing companies claim to have professionals and experts working for them, photo editing service that gives out pulsating visuals is not available everywhere as it is claimed to be. From basic airbrush correction to the most loved, blemishes removal and more of such digital makeup, people have to get used to the […]

Drop Shadow

Cloth manufacturing companies and online garment retail websites work on taking promotional snaps of their products. Earlier, photographers used a hanger to keep the garment in shape and in a stable position while photographing them. These days, designers and photographers work together in enhancing the attractiveness of the garments with many modern tools and techniques. […]

Clipping Path Services

Low quality companies and scammers are all around the web providing an umpteen number of services, leave alone these cheap online clipping path services that claims to be professional. It is easy to be carried away with these false promises and scammers who say that they are inexpensive and give solutions on time. How is […]

Pen Tool For Image Background Removal

Removing the Background from a Picture with Photoshop Elements is one of the means by which a product image is used for ecommerce industry, magazines and in ads. There are many ways by which we can remove background from an image. Out of this long list the most used and the one that gives quality […]

Retouching Product Images for Online Retailers

Photo retouching tips and tricks by using Photoshop for you ecommerce website is a way to know how impressive product images are made. Despite the fact that we would like to claim the efficiency of professional guidance in retouching, practice and guidance should also work well with enthusiasts. There are many ways by which one […]

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Here are the top 5 digital camera goof ups that need to be checked for a satisfied experience with your new gadget… 1.Sending Enormous Files by Email This can be disastrous. Learning to organize and share photos with appropriate manner will reduce a lot of hassles. Never send big files just like that, try compressing […]

Photo Retouching

Fashion magazines and the retail industry just can’t move on without retouching these days- We know that many models would not look how they look on the magazine cover pictures without this fortunate obsession. But if we have to blame Photoshop for this, we are wrong. Retouching techniques have prevailed even before Photoshop ages of […]

clipping path back ground removal image

Clipping path is the best ever background removal technique as it is hand drawn and has the highest quality standards. Photoshop pen tool is used by professional graphic designers to remove background from an image with any degree of complex outline. Many might not be aware of the distinctive factor that sets Clipping Path as […]