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Photo Editing

Photo editing is one of the most important steps in creating special wedding photography. Using professional tools that can handle a variety of photo editing tactics is a safe choice. Messing up by choosing low quality online photo editing tools or an amateur photo editing techniques will only slow down the process. Thought we are […]

Photo Editing

When we talk about photo editing tools that we find online, the first point that comes to our mind is the reliability factor. Remember that you are intending to trust an unknown source and risk sharing your personal data with them. Now let’s see about the glam factors that have made this online photo editing […]

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a technique that helps enhancing a photograph and makes it suitable for any commercial use. Most of the photos retouching tricks are employed main point of appeal to make a picture sell well. Any product image or model with products displayed on them is made to look appealing with photo retouching. There […]

Photo Retouching

A lot of people have tried explaining the importance of impressive photo presentation and photo retouching for commercial needs. This notion has been considered as a grey hat advertisement technique that may proclaim something unreal to the consumers. The dilemma of drawing a line in digital makeup or the photo retouching techniques is still a […]

Image to vector Conversion

Quality products are the strong point and USP of any business. When your business has products with poor looking product images, logos or low quality images that represent your business, your business reputation is at stake. A good business has to revive all its data and digitalize it so that they stay up in competition […]

Image Sharpening

This tutorial will show you how to get sharper and better images that will stand picture perfect. The sharpening work flow is what that we are going to cover and it’s one of the important techniques in photo editing. This is a step by step process that can be altered as per the photo editing […]

Photo Editing

You might love a scenic picture that you had clicked recently. While on a trip to the beach last weekend, you would have clicked a few pictures that came out to be really good. Though they already look just good, they might have some disturbance within the frame. A few clicks might have unwanted people […]

Change Background

Photoshop seems to create an ever-growing amount of interest when people learn that there are easy ways by which one could erase someone from a place and pose them over an entirely new background. It just gets more interesting when you give your creative side a kick and watch wild ideas jump out of an […]


As technology leaps to the next level, people’s notion on perfection grows along with it. Any minor error or slipup is looked upon with microscopic eye and corrected then and there. The same thought process is also carried into photography and related digital skills like photo retouching and image editing. It’s true that we can’t […]

Vector Images

A Logo is the brand representative of any business and it is important to maintain a high quality Logo everywhere. Weather it is used in prints, website or in roadside banners, a logo’s look and clarity is the foremost- quality is at its best when it is vector images. Why do you need a HD […]