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how to edit pictures

Photo editing for anyone is not a cake walk without proper learning curve. When you are new to softwares like Photoshop, you must know ways by which you can learn them within a short while. We welcome people who have someone to teach them by learning all by your self is also fun when it […]

Photo Retouching for Models

The very first question that comes to our mind when we think about beauty photo retouching is the amount of flexibility we will have to play around with the model’s physical features. Skin polishing, hair texture enhancements, teeth whitening, skin color correction, physical trait correction and body proposition enhancements are just a few to name […]

Photo Restoration

How good will it is to digitalize and renew your grand parent’s old wedding pictures through photo restoration? Right from these personal photo restoration needs to other important or historical photo restoration, the requirement is just the same. It is to blow a whiff of fresh air to the olden golden reminiscences. How important are […]

Photo Retouching

A lot of people have tried explaining the importance of impressive photo presentation and photo retouching for commercial needs. This notion has been considered as a grey hat advertisement technique that may proclaim something unreal to the consumers. The dilemma of drawing a line in digital makeup or the photo retouching techniques is still a […]


As technology leaps to the next level, people’s notion on perfection grows along with it. Any minor error or slipup is looked upon with microscopic eye and corrected then and there. The same thought process is also carried into photography and related digital skills like photo retouching and image editing. It’s true that we can’t […]

Retouching Product Images for Online Retailers

Photo retouching tips and tricks by using Photoshop for you ecommerce website is a way to know how impressive product images are made. Despite the fact that we would like to claim the efficiency of professional guidance in retouching, practice and guidance should also work well with enthusiasts. There are many ways by which one […]

Photo Retouching

Fashion magazines and the retail industry just can’t move on without retouching these days- We know that many models would not look how they look on the magazine cover pictures without this fortunate obsession. But if we have to blame Photoshop for this, we are wrong. Retouching techniques have prevailed even before Photoshop ages of […]