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Extract Backgrounds from Images

Background removal is one important part of photo editing that cannot be missed out.  Any image that needs a digital makeup will have to go through this step so that it is redefined. Extracting the actual subject from the background is not a difficult job always, especially when the background color is uniform. Why is […]

textile photography

Creating artworks for web and print media is almost impossible without digital photo editing techniques like background removal, color correction, cropping, resizing and more. One of the most challenging and important technique to learn as an image editing expert is to remove a subject successfully from its background without losing any of its components. If […]

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a technique that helps enhancing a photograph and makes it suitable for any commercial use. Most of the photos retouching tricks are employed main point of appeal to make a picture sell well. Any product image or model with products displayed on them is made to look appealing with photo retouching. There […]

Change Background

Photoshop seems to create an ever-growing amount of interest when people learn that there are easy ways by which one could erase someone from a place and pose them over an entirely new background. It just gets more interesting when you give your creative side a kick and watch wild ideas jump out of an […]

Photography Backgrounds

Good product images that pops out of the screen is what that drive great sales to any e-retail business. Product photography needs a lot of experimentation like another kind and we can’t neglect any technique including the simplest ones like removing photography backgrounds. Your virtual shop window is the place when all your products can […]

Drop Shadow

Cloth manufacturing companies and online garment retail websites work on taking promotional snaps of their products. Earlier, photographers used a hanger to keep the garment in shape and in a stable position while photographing them. These days, designers and photographers work together in enhancing the attractiveness of the garments with many modern tools and techniques. […]

Pen Tool For Image Background Removal

Removing the Background from a Picture with Photoshop Elements is one of the means by which a product image is used for ecommerce industry, magazines and in ads. There are many ways by which we can remove background from an image. Out of this long list the most used and the one that gives quality […]

You might have caught a great short with perfect lighting and angle but, the background bites off the whole look. We normally end up rubbishing these images as failed backgrounds will spoil the quality of the image on the whole.  It is very common to see such mistakes happen as we can’t keep looking at […]


Any technique by which a subject in an image is separated from the background or the rest of the image is called Background Removal. Background of an image is removed for a wide range of uses as it gets easy to mix and match the image that is cut out with any desired background. Photoshop […]


In Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and Excel 2010 you can remove a background from a picture to accent or highlight the subject of the picture or to remove distracting detail