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Photo Editing Photoshop tips for Beginners

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Photo Editing Photoshop tips for Beginners

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

how to edit pictures

Photo editing for anyone is not a cake walk without proper learning curve. When you are new to softwares like Photoshop, you must know ways by which you can learn them within a short while. We welcome people who have someone to teach them by learning all by your self is also fun when it comes to such skill based software.

A lot of people might see them as daunting and confusing thing that needs a lot of time or expert guidance. It’s true that you will need time to learn it but, it does not mean that you need an expert to teach it to you. Learning by yourself will actually unveil many nameless shortcuts accidentally. Have you ever observed that a self learner is more talented and can get things done quickly? The same rule applies here too.

Many of us try to learn Photoshop so that we can learn to edit our personal photographs and post them in social platforms or use it elsewhere. Any photo editing website that offers readily editable applications to spice up your photographs does not do justice or full fill their home page promise. But these simple steps or tricks can slowly lead you to a better photo editing experience. Let’s go straight to the shorts cuts that can help you as a beginner in photo manipulation or just with regular photo retouching needs.

Let’s start with the very beginning of the topic, one must experiment and learn how to handle the crop option. This might e the easiest or the simplest options ever, but it is not as useless as you might think. Cropping helps you to go closer to your original subject matter, it helps you to eliminate the unwanted things around your subject and add more mass and influence to your photograph- this is the first chapter of the photo retouching or photo editing subject.

Then comes the “Duplicating the background”, you might not see that as an important thing to follow. But when you lose your original file and think about your folly by skipping this simple step, you are sure to duplicate the background first before starting the photo editing. Good lessons can be learnt even without experiencing the moral of the story.

Learn to play with your layers- we though it must be perfect to discuss about layers just after we had talked about the importance of duplicating the background. A little eye mark in your layers means that you are making that layer active, if you wish to deactivate that layer simply uncheck it and enjoy editing the layer under it or the layer that you have selected. You may add more layers, or delete them as and when you want by dropping them in the recycle bin just below.

As we had told before, most of us use Photoshop to edit images so that we can use it for the web. So Photoshop has come up with a lovely option that customizes the edited images for the web with an exclusive save as option. When you save the images that you have worked with the save for the webs option, it makes sure that the image suits the best resolution to fit the web purposes.