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Learning Product Photography Beginners Guide

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

product photography tips

If you were thinking that product photography is nothing but plain images that are used in Craig’s list and eBay, we would want you to reconsider it. Just like how real time photography has many thing involved in it, product photography also involves a lot of special elements. The elements that a product photographer uses make a big difference to the subject and the message it conveys. Unless and until the product shouts loud about its features and advantages, a buyer will not get interested to purchase it. Product photography is a silent yet powerful sales pitch which throws a push to buy on the consumer.

Apart from clicking pictures, these is a lot that involves in product photography like photo retouching. When we say photo retouching, it is not just for the product. A model that stands endorsing a product will also require photo retouching by all means.

What means more while shooting or learning to shoot product photos is to learn to show the good, better and the worst thing about a product alike and to their best. It might sound a bit confusing but effective photo retouching might help you execute things well.

Preparation is the key to better photos and best conveyed message. Do a lot of homework before landing to the shoot with blank brain. Thought photo retouching and editing can help you add or omit things, it will never compensate the original idea of getting things ready as planned.

Equipments that is enough to support a beginners are of you sole discretion but we would always insist on a decent collection of lenses that you are comfortable with, tripod, soft boxes, ring flashes, snoots, grids, light cubes, clear plexi glass, black plexi glass and anything you will feel confident with. On the other hand, if you are someone who knows to capture a product with its soul, you will rarely require costly add-ons to your gadget list.

Play with a lot of natural light on a bright day and choose for a good evenly lightened clean workspace for cloudy days. Remember that the kind of product photography that has no models is mostly done with white background with an infinity curve. If you feel that you have a knack to show case your product well by yourself then take up the task of clicking a few pictures on your own. Who else can sell your product better than you do? All you might need is a little photo retouching experts help for cleaning out a few stuffs that goes unnoticed or enhance the picture.

If you choose to click your own product photos, some of the points that you might not want to on the go are:

  • Clean the product thoroughly
  • Get your camera’s settings right
  • Take your shot and check your LCD
  • Plan to Move around and try different angles

Hope you enjoyed learning a few basic tips on easy product photography. Be back for more updates on photography, photo retouching techniques, easy background removal and Photoshop tutorials from experts.