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Photo Restoration- A technique to repaint memories

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Photo Restoration

How good will it is to digitalize and renew your grand parent’s old wedding pictures through photo restoration? Right from these personal photo restoration needs to other important or historical photo restoration, the requirement is just the same. It is to blow a whiff of fresh air to the olden golden reminiscences.

How important are these once forsaken materials to the modern day and people associated with it. Old photographs that are brought back to verve by photo restoration have become a source for unveiling the forgotten treasures like culture, traditions and civilization. Photo restoration is one of the best found practices that have taken digital photography to the next level. Photo restoration is turning out to be a useful method to get back a ruined picture at its best state.

How easy is it to practice photo restoration on old torn or mold attacked photo graphs that are on the verge of its existence. A degraded photo will mostly include fading, unwanted color cast due to external elements and physical damages that can be handled well by appropriate photo restoration techniques. We would like to list the main damages and the techniques used in photo restoration.

  1. Fading, over exposure and disappearance of certain parts due to technical reasons can be adjusted using levels, curves, contrasts and black level tools in the initial stages.
  2. Unwanted Color Casts can be handled well with adjusting white balance, color balance and other color tools.
  3. Localized Damage mainly due to physical abuse can be restored with the help of clone stamp, healing brush and other selective editing tools.

In most cases, fading will be the primary reason for an image to reach photo restoration stage. This means that the blacks in the photo will turn lighter and white will make the photo look wiped out. The most versatile tool to fight back this common problem is the levels tool in Photoshop. In short the levels can work well for most of the black and white photographs and on the other color snaps that looks discolored.

Photo restoration is also a good method to work on the old Eastman color photographs that has too much of artificial color cast. We can also call this as the retro effect that mostly was commonly found during the early 70s and 80s. The color cast will be of red, green, yellow and magenta that makes the photographs look artificial. Photo restoration done on these types of pictures must be processed with care on not loosing its originality and still has no artificial color casting.