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Vector Images and benefits of scalable graphic images | blog.photoshopit.com

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Vector Images and benefits of scalable graphic images

Monday, October 28th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Vector Images

Vector Images can be considered as the most flexible and scalable form of graphics that best suit commercial and business use. Technically, vector images are composed of paths and they apply mathematical relationships among points and the paths connecting them to depict an image. Any image can be converted into vector images if it has to be renewed as scalable digital assert.

A hand drawn portrait, photograph or a digital image with low resolution can be revived using vector image conversions.  Vector images are best for all sorts of commercial uses as it can be scaled up to any size or pulled down without any loss in quality or details- they remain sharp. These recreated vector images are several times less expensive than hiring a professional photographer.

Regular photographic images are bit map image that has limited scalability unlike vector images that has unlimited scalability and high quality. Scalable graphic images open a wide prospect of uses for vector images as your computer just has to re-compute the coordinates of the points and adjust the vector equation constants that are already there.

On the other hand, you are free to edit or make changes in the vector images any time. Be it the color or removing and adding new components, it’s all easy and flexible. It just takes a little effort for any professional illustration artist to make changes as these vector images are made out of set of lines in a separate and distinct objects. Therefore every object can be re-edited at any time with minimal amount of time spent on it.

If you have loads of images that has to be digitalized in a version that is flexible, vector images are the best way. Logos, product images, symbols, signs and portraits can be converted into beautiful vector images with the help of vector artists who do image to vector conversion.

For all these benefits, if you had thought about the amount of memory these vector images might eat off, you will be surprised. A significant reason for choosing to use vector images over the normal bitmaps is their size. Vector images are a lot smaller in size unlike any format of bitmap image. A large poster size image might only take up a few kilobytes of space while it is in a vector form. Vector images are smooth, crisp and have great quality that is best for commercial uses as bit map images with low quality will only pull down brand reputation.