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Disadvantages of Online Photo Editing Tools

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Photo Editing

When we talk about photo editing tools that we find online, the first point that comes to our mind is the reliability factor. Remember that you are intending to trust an unknown source and risk sharing your personal data with them.

Now let’s see about the glam factors that have made this online photo editing tools a best-seller among today’s internet users. Young and old who don’t have time or money to have a picture edited in image editing software like Photoshop have adopted online photo editing tools. There are umpteen websites that offer tools that can color correct, modify, add effects and do background removal in a jiffy.

If we spend time in learning about the efficiency and reliability of these online photo editing tools, it would reveal few shocking threats from which we may better choose to stay away from.

  1. Crop and resize
  2. Correct exposure
  3. Add special effects- special effect does differ from one service provider to another or tool to tool in some cases.
  4. Input file formats includes gif, jpeg, png, tiff bmp, eps and others
  5. Output file formats includes gif, jpeg, png and others

We would like to list out a few facilities that looks fancy for the users but ends up as threats. The regular package that comes along with these online photo editing service providers are…

  1. 1.    Load images from URL or PC
  2. 2.    Direct upload to photo sharing services
  3. 3.    Image hosting

When you allow a third party to access your information stored in the PC, there are chances of them being misused, stole or stored without your knowledge. While giving permission to upload and download stuffs with this kind of unrecognized photo editing software, there is a risk of losing important credentials like password or browsing history.

Trusting any Image hosting service that is not properly authenticated is a big threat to your online privacy and security. Photo editing is a simple technique that can be done safely with reputed softwares and tools. As using photo editing for enhancing images for social media posts and other personal needs have become predominant, we will have to understand the danger that stands behind these photo editing tools.

Other than these safety and privacy problems, there are other disadvantages that do not support usage of such tools. If you want a quality output from these online photo editing tools, you might get disappointed at some stage.

The effects and color correction facilities that you find interesting might not work well with all images. If you want to light up a part of an image and give it a makeover, these ready-made photo editing services are not for you. Professional tools like Photoshop is the best for such customized solutions and image alterations.