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Vector Art for High Quality Imaging Needs

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Image to vector Conversion

Quality products are the strong point and USP of any business. When your business has products with poor looking product images, logos or low quality images that represent your business, your business reputation is at stake. A good business has to revive all its data and digitalize it so that they stay up in competition with their contender who chooses digitalization. As a part of digitalizing your images, it’s vital to go for an image to vector conversion service.

Image to vector conversion is a boon to mapping works like District Planning Maps, Census Maps, Photogrammetric, Spatial Analysis and Modeling Utility Mapping that are mostly available as hard copies. Having a HD soft copy of such important images will help in many ways.

Vector images are of high quality and can be scaled up and scaled down any number of times and wont loose quality like bit map images. Though you might have big size bitmap images of logo and product images, it is good to go for image to vector conversion to escape loss of quality later on. As vector arts are resolution independent your broachers, cards, and all marketing material will look professional.

A quality Image to vector conversion will help you get detailed illustrative works of the images that you might have dumped long back.  If you think about another big advantage of image to vector conversion, it is the format flexibility- you can get them saved as AI, EPS, PDF, CDR & more

At Photoshop it, professional vector experts manually draw images and create vector formats or use tools use automated tracing tools to help the process. We would like to list out a few uses and advantages of our image to vector conversion service so that you will understand the importance and necessity of this facility.


We at Photoshop it normally make a drawing as a new file- you will be able to get the final output as editable formats like DXF, DWG, DGN or any other CAD formats as per your choice and preferences. You will have complete access to change or modify the pictures you received through our image to vector conversion service.

Photoshop it illustration professionals manually draw these vector images with precision. Our image to vector conversion works are fully editable with accurate layer information, text line types, Associative dimensions, Associative hatch patterns, Symbols cum blocks of standard components and more.

You will love to hear that we can create as many layers as you would want in the new vector image that we will be creating for you. As we create the image in a new file we are free to generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, centerlines and more.

This image to vector converted imageries will have Text as a portion separated from its own layer and is clear as text. The dimensions of these imageries are unbroken and are revealed by a separate layer, which is editable.

Image to vector conversion will give rise to imagery with High accuracy that comes to you as a Cost effective digitization facility from Photoshop it. These hand-drawn conversions will reach you at a Quick turnaround, even during bulk orders.