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How to Remove a Person from a Photograph- Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Photo Editing

You might love a scenic picture that you had clicked recently. While on a trip to the beach last weekend, you would have clicked a few pictures that came out to be really good. Though they already look just good, they might have some disturbance within the frame. A few clicks might have unwanted people showing their presence here and there in the otherwise perfect click. What can help you out to erase them off is a photo editing software…

There are many online photos editing software available for this purpose and they promise quality output. But, the actual fact is different. Photo editing that is done with automatic software lack quality.

Follow this simple photo editing steps to rub-off the unwanted figures from your scene…

  1. Start the process by importing the image for photo editing. Create a new layer and make a selection of the person or object that needs to be removed. You may also remove object from the background by selecting it with pen tool in a photo editing software.
  2. Start removing the object you want to omit with the help of clone stamp tool in the photo editing software. As the area is already been selected, the cloning will happen within this area and save it after you have completely cloned and concealed the whole object.
  3. Now you might see some harsh irregularities and patterns all over the selected area that makes the image look artificial. Now remove the patterns that look odd with the clone stamp tool in the photo editing software again unless you get the desired look.
  4. Remember to adjust your brush style and hardness according to your need and the background.
  5. Select the patch tool and draw around an asymmetrical shape around an area of the image which is jagged and drag it to the area which is neat. Watch the magic of the photo editing software as the areas blends in like butter on the pan.
  6. Now that you have vanishing the unwanted objects from your photo, just take an extra care about the small details that you might have missed on the go. Zoom into smaller sections with the help of the photo editing software to see for any flaws.
  7. This is the last step of all that most people skip but we recommend it for a perfect finish. Colour correction has to be taken serious for any image. Use the colour curve option or any option that you find easy in the adjustments menu of the photo editing software for an enhanced look. Make sure that no colour is out of balance unless you are making a special effect out of it.

The above method is good for any image that has plain or near to plain background. For more complex backgrounds, an extra effort and more mastery over the photo editing software is required.