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Attractive Product Photos Tutorial- The Light Box Technique

Monday, September 30th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Photography Backgrounds

Good product images that pops out of the screen is what that drive great sales to any e-retail business. Product photography needs a lot of experimentation like another kind and we can’t neglect any technique including the simplest ones like removing photography backgrounds. Your virtual shop window is the place when all your products can be viewed clearly by your prospective customers. Any small negligence in the look of the product like poor lighting and disturbing background can ruin its value and pull down the quality. Going in for photo editing techniques like removing photography backgrounds removal, clipping path and photo retouching are equally important.

Your website might be fast, has a lot of advantage and still you might see buyer go past your web pages without noticing your products. Weather you run a small time business online or your don’t have enough resources to go in for a 100%professional studio, this tutorial on making your own Light Box will be a great addition to your studio. This means that you have very less work while changing or removing photography backgrounds.

Now comes the billion dollar question- How to make my product image look great?

Answer to this question has two parts and both are inevitable and can’t stand alone without each other.  Most of us think about removing photography backgrounds, but there is more that can be done before this.

The very first step is clicking a good picture and editing it with Photoshop is the final step for getting that picture perfect look of your products. In this tutorial let’s see about the first step in detail with the help of ‘The Light Box Technique’.

You might be a pro or a beginner in clicking product images, one thing that many of don’t get is a good work station or good background for our subject so that removing photography backgrounds is easy later on. When a subject is photographed, we require a clean, well lit work station that can highlight all the details of the subject- The best and easy way to get this is by making a good own Light Box. A light box will allow your subject to be focused well during picturisation and can make the photo editing part like removing photography backgrounds easy.  Follow these simple steps and make your own Light Box from an empty carton for clicking stunning images of your products…

Step 1: Take an empty cardboard carton and cut the top of the box and the front portion like shown in the image by leaving a thing strip to help the box keep its shape.

Step 2: Next step is to cover your workstation with a background that looks bright, easy to edit and clean. White is regarded as the best background color that supports all Photoshop techniques and gives maximum flexibility while removing background, etching the sides of the object or changing the color of photography backgrounds. Use white paper to cover the sides of the box completely and give a smooth look in the corners. Prefer rounder corners over sharp ones so that you don’t see any sharp corners in your image background.

Step 3: Now that you have your work station ready, you will have to light the place appropriately. Most of the photographers prefer natural lighting as it can bring out maximum detailing.  Since removing photography backgrounds is the next level of getting good product photography, photographer will work accordingly.

Since it’s hard to find perfect natural lighting, we give you an easy option. Place 2 adjustable lamps with daylight bulbs of 100watts each for best results. Day light bulbs are preferred over any yellow lights as colors of the images will look in its real self while using day light bulbs.  We may prefer two lamps so that we can avoid all possible shadows and taking photography in different angles without shadows is now possible. When the lights are switched on the light bounces in all direction eliminating any shadows and unwanted textures.

Here is your simple perfect workstation for your product photography at a fraction of what might cost at a photo studio:

An additional tip is to use a tripod which you are using a Light Box Workstation. You might have noticed that your picture might look a little shaky if you had clicked it with the camera flash off.  All we need is a crystal clear HD image of your precious product so don’t forget to mount it on a tripod or something stable, if you don’t have one.

Brighten up your product images with Photoshop or just leave it to the hands of experts who can do image retouching, color correction and removing photography backgrounds and more tricks to get the best out of your images.