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Smoother the Reflection Shadow-Better Is the Result

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Drop Shadow

Cloth manufacturing companies and online garment retail websites work on taking promotional snaps of their products. Earlier, photographers used a hanger to keep the garment in shape and in a stable position while photographing them. These days, designers and photographers work together in enhancing the attractiveness of the garments with many modern tools and techniques. The first technique they use for this propose is using a dressmaker’s dummy or the mannequin. This dummy will give an illusion that the garment is been worn by a model. The photographer works on taking snaps that brings out the best in the garment and sends it for image processing. At the image editor’s desk, the photo will go through a series of alterations to suit the marketing needs.

One of the best examples of market friendly garment picture is the one that has done through neck manipulation. A graphic designer will eliminate the parts of the mannequin that shows out of the garment by removing it from the background, replacing the background color of the image through clipping path. While working on such images the reflection shadow is smoothened for a realistic look. A drop shadow effect that looks sharp and clear will look artificial (even if it’s a natural shadow). Working out to soften the outline gives a lot of potential for it to look natural and original. Such surreal image enhancements and manipulations help people buy garments. There are many such effects that can make your product image look absolutely attractive.

Off late, the manufacturing industry and the advertisement industry has fallen flat totally depending up on image processing for increase in sales. Can we think about an ad agency working without Photoshop or a manufacturing industry giving out product images that are unprocessed? Two things that you should never go without for a good product photo are a professional photographer and a professional retoucher.