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Why to use pen tool for removing image from background

Saturday, September 21st, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Pen Tool For Image Background Removal

Removing the Background from a Picture with Photoshop Elements is one of the means by which a product image is used for ecommerce industry, magazines and in ads. There are many ways by which we can remove background from an image. Out of this long list the most used and the one that gives quality output is through creating paths and selection with The Pen Tool.

Removing the background of an image can be done with many tools in Photoshop but the most effective and flexible tool that gives 100% quality is Pen tool. Many don’t like to handle this tool and judge that it is unnatural, difficult and confusing however, the actual fact is- It’s Easy and Effective. Many designers still have an aversion towards this simple tool, and enjoy sticking on with lasso tool for selection while ending up with pathetic quality.

If you are a lasso tool lover, we appreciate your enthusiasm but, don’t you think that lasso tools are better for direct selection around items in a jpg type image and not for images that are having complex outlines that can’t be defined easily?

As a quick recap, we would like to remind the other terms by which people label this tool- the Bezier Pen or the Bezier Tool, invented by a French engineer named Pierre Bezier and a versatile creative thinker. He invented this tool while he was working for Renault Car Company and was initially using it for designing cars.

Images that have to be done with intense attention and have a lot of detailing are processed using pen tool. Other selection tools might be good for outlines with images that do not need to be selected perfectly. On the other hand, a Pen tool allows you to handle any complex outline proficiently and does not fall out on quality.