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What is Retouching?

Thursday, September 19th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Photo Retouching

Fashion magazines and the retail industry just can’t move on without retouching these days- We know that many models would not look how they look on the magazine cover pictures without this fortunate obsession. But if we have to blame Photoshop for this, we are wrong. Retouching techniques have prevailed even before Photoshop ages of camera work. Manual techniques were used to add remove, enhance the look of a portrait with specific tools that gave birth to the concept of this modern image editing tool.

When a photographer has to capture a portrait that has to create an impact with the viewers, it means that it has to me clicked to perfection. Most photos are not perfect just after they are clicked. There are many ways by which the good looks of a subject can be disturbed so, over exposure to light, low light, unwanted background and other things needs to be corrected.

Retouching is an extensive area of expertise that includes number of tricks that are used in marketing. If a product is marketed, it needs to be retouched and made to look picture perfect. This list of making things look perfect also extends to humans and animals alike.

A supermodel who flaunts a designer wear will have to look beautiful along with the product, or retouching is needed to blur out the model and focus on the product alone. Any picture that needs specific modification is handled by a Photoshop expert and undergoes simple to complex image retouching services. Let it be a simple color correction or a complex modification of adding surreal effect- Retouching is the answer.

A photographer has to envision the final look of an image he/she is clicking and adjust the camera settings accordingly. People have started using this service for a multitude of uses in advertisement industry that requires special attention.