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Top 5 Newbie Digital Camera Goof Ups

Monday, September 16th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

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Here is a list of the top 5 digital camera goof ups that need to be checked for having a happy experience with your new gadget..

1.Sending Enormous Files by Email

This can be disastrous. Learning to organize and share photos in an appropriate manner will reduce a lot of hassles. Never send big files just like that, try compressing them or reduce the file size. Consider using any other digital alternatives like photo sharing websites for sending or sharing images. Try building a free web photo gallery that you can maintain with more personalization options and share with comfort.

2.Not Backing up the Photos

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Having a backup of your pictures is very important as you might not be left with any option to redeem all your hard work if you get to lose it. Many remember to save their old film rolls when things were harder in those days, but its so silly to notice that we forget to have a backup of our digital asserts andĀ  don’t keep them organized for easier retrieval. If you find it hard to look out forĀ  possibilities to save your files, consider saving them in online backup services.

3.Using the Camera’s Digital Zoom Feature

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Many photographers skip the digital zooming facility altogether as it seem to give no striking output as shown in the advertisements- Should we call it a marketing gimmick after all. Inconveniences produced by camera shake are intensified while using digital zoom. Industry Gurus prefer going in for the optical zooms and try switching off the digital facility one and for all as a safe bet.

4.Using excessive In-camera Compression

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Excessive in-camera compression is not a good idea if you are thinking about reducing memory usage by doing so. If your gadget is capable of producing high resolution pictures, why do you wish to compress and loose its quality? Try keeping your camera memory free and load your works somewhere else. Just go in for a portable storage solution if you are an active photography enthusiast who travels more often.

5.Not Taking Time to Learn the Equipment

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Like its said practice makes things perfect, we call it experimentation in photography that makes things work best. If you had spent thousands of dollars on your new digital camera and its accessories, it is still more important to consider flipping through the user manual and try the stuffs that are told. Understand the gadget well and know how to communicate with it to get the desired effect. If you can effectively input our vision to the camera, it can capture your thoughts and illustrate them as pictures.