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Disadvantages of Using Online Tools for Image Background Removal

Thursday, September 5th, 2013 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

You might have caught a great short with perfect lighting and angle but, the background bites off the whole look. We normally end up rubbishing these images as failed backgrounds will spoil the quality of the image on the whole.  It is very common to see such mistakes happen as we can’t keep looking at perfect backdrops when the subject looks impressive. Unsettling backgrounds can happen especially when it is a wildlife photography or if you are someone who clicks on the go with insights and don’t rely on studio step up.

There are plenty of online tools with which we can remove the background of an image. All these tools promise to give perfectly cut out images with great outline in seconds. You just have to upload the image that has to be worked on and you will receive an image free of background. If removing background from images were so simple, why would professionals take hours to get this work done? It is not about doing a task but to do it the right way.

We might not want some beginner to work on our images and waste time for hopeless results.  We would like you to try on any free online tools that removes background or any paid tools that claims to do clipping path like a pro to see the results by yourself. If you had ever used one of these tools you might know how the end product will look like.

For example, if this image is what that you want to work on.


You will be promised to receive an image like this…


But what you might receive will be something like this…



This is a result that we got from one of the free online tools that claims to give 100% result… What we see above is a very simple background removal job. And after trying a long list of such tools we came to a bitter conclusion that no tool was better that the other and all gave almost similar output. Not to mention the ones those were even worse.

If you had been thinking that having background removal done at a click’s cost is a safe bet, you might have to reconsider your idea for the sake of quality.  One of the most alarming disadvantages of using online tools for image editing is lack of quality.

You won’t be able to get customised solutions for your needs. Think about searching for different tools for different kinds of needs. Few pictures might have single colour background, some may have complex background, and some pictures might have fine details like hair and fur and many more specific types. How will you be able to find tools that work on them separately? In this case you will have to keep searching for tools that suit these images and you will not get a perfectly cut image as these tools lack quality check and professional skill.

On the other hand, an image handled by a skilled Photoshop expert will reach you at its perfect condition. Placing orders with a professional will also give you access to instruct them on your special needs and get customised solutions. Your images will go through a proper quality check process and then reach you with nothing to be worked on. You might also get your image processed further with professionals for image retouching and colour correction.  The main idea behind giving your photos to professional hands is to let your image processing work be done by an expert while you can concentrate on taking pictures and sales.