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how to edit pictures

Photo editing for anyone is not a cake walk without proper learning curve. When you are new to softwares like Photoshop, you must know ways by which you can learn them within a short while. We welcome people who have someone to teach them by learning all by your self is also fun when it […]

product photography tips

If you were thinking that product photography is nothing but plain images that are used in Craig’s list and eBay, we would want you to reconsider it. Just like how real time photography has many thing involved in it, product photography also involves a lot of special elements. The elements that a product photographer uses […]

Create Vector Images

Are you still maintaining the old simple bit image logo that looses its quality while being enlarged during marketing needs? It is the right time to create vector images of your company’s logo. You may feel that there is no urgent need to create vector images of your company’s logo now but, you would have […]

Photo Retouching for Models

The very first question that comes to our mind when we think about beauty photo retouching is the amount of flexibility we will have to play around with the model’s physical features. Skin polishing, hair texture enhancements, teeth whitening, skin color correction, physical trait correction and body proposition enhancements are just a few to name […]

Product Photography

Photo editing is one important trick that will enhance the overall look of any randomly clicked photo. The technique of photo editing is also an option to people who have less options to spend time in photography by can do well at photo editing. While photographing products and whatever thing purposely in an idea to […]

Photo Restoration

How good will it is to digitalize and renew your grand parent’s old wedding pictures through photo restoration? Right from these personal photo restoration needs to other important or historical photo restoration, the requirement is just the same. It is to blow a whiff of fresh air to the olden golden reminiscences. How important are […]

Extract Backgrounds from Images

Background removal is one important part of photo editing that cannot be missed out.  Any image that needs a digital makeup will have to go through this step so that it is redefined. Extracting the actual subject from the background is not a difficult job always, especially when the background color is uniform. Why is […]

textile photography

Creating artworks for web and print media is almost impossible without digital photo editing techniques like background removal, color correction, cropping, resizing and more. One of the most challenging and important technique to learn as an image editing expert is to remove a subject successfully from its background without losing any of its components. If […]

Vector Images

Vector Images can be considered as the most flexible and scalable form of graphics that best suit commercial and business use. Technically, vector images are composed of paths and they apply mathematical relationships among points and the paths connecting them to depict an image. Any image can be converted into vector images if it has […]

Photo Editing

Photography is an art that can transform the way a scene is captured through the perspective of a lens. In the same way, a photograph that was taken with a specific viewpoint can be transformed into an avatar that tells a different story altogether through photo editing. Color correction, saturation adjustments, picture temperature control, cropping, […]